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I am …


50+ trades per day

  • ultra-fast entries & exits
  • profits on small changes
  • 10+ trades per day
  • doesn't hold overnight
  • risk > reward per trade
  • trades on technical, news
  • range trader

I'm Scalper

Day Trader

1 trade per day

  • fast but able to wait
  • profits on the very short term swings
  • few trades per week
  • may hold overnight
  • risk >= reward per trade
  • technical based
  • range trader

I'm Day Trader

Swing Trader

1 trade per month

  • patient
  • focused on short to interm swings
  • few trades per month
  • holds overnight
  • risk < reward per trade
  • more fundamental, less technical
  • trend trader

I'm Swing Trader

Algo Trader

3000 lines of code

  • uses automated tradingrobot
  • can profit on all moves
  • can trade once per sec/min/hour/day/month
  • may hold overnight
  • risk ><= reward
  • fundamental and/or technical
  • feel good in trend or range

I'm Algo Trader

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At SmartHub we do understand how important a Forex broker is for the success of your trading. That is why as a client-centered Forex Broker we are aiming to provide you with the best combination between low spread, fast execution, limited slippage, security, reliability and transparency. Check out our prices below.


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As a broker always focused on innovations we are working only with the latest and most reliable trading software. That is why we have chosen the newest version of the most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader – the MetaTrader 5 platform. You can try it no matter what your device is.

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