Day Trader

fast but able to wait | profits on the very short term swings | few trades per week | may hold overnight | risk >= reward per trade | technical based | range trader

The most common type of trader is the day trader. Day traders are more patient and precise comparing to Scalpers. What they do is to scan the available trading instruments and try to spot potential moves in either direction. Those moves are expected to provide good return compared to the risk. But the positions usually end up with equal or bigger stops than the actual targets set. Day traders try to be selective and to trade only in historically strong days of the week, like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Their can use news publications as catalysts for a continuation of given. They are not afraid to hold positions overnight.

You are day trader so what you need ...

  • Good trading ideas
  • Honest and reliable broker (Broker side).
  • Compettive swaps if position is held overnight (Broker side). 
  • Good set of trading instruments to choose from (Broker side)
  • allowance to use all kind of supporting software;

We can offer you all of this with our trading accounts!

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