Swing Trader

patient | focused on short to interm swings | few trades per month | holds overnight | risk < reward per trade | more fundamental, less technical | trend trader

Swing traders are those traders who profit on large moves. These are the trend traders, focused mostly on daily and weekly charts. Swing traders have on their disposal additional stuff like seasonality, cycles, fundament which are to be included in the daily routine of Scalpers and Day Traders. Swing traders do not care much about slippage or very precise entry. Disadvantage of this type of trading is that usualy to catch a large move you'll have some losing trades before the good one. So your trades will look somehow the opposite of the scalping:

loss   loss   loss   big profit   loss   loss   loss   big profit   loss   big profit   loss   loss   big profit

You are swing trader so what you need ...

  • Honest and reliable broker (Broker side).
  • Ability to generate good trading ideas
  • Competetive swap rates (Broker side).
  • allowance to use all kind of supporting software;

We can offer you all of this with our trading accounts!

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