Algo Trader

uses automated tradingrobot | can profit on all moves | can trade once per sec/min/hour/day/month | may hold overnight | risk ><= reward | fundamental and/or technical | feel good in trend or range

Algo traders combine all of the strenghts and only few weakneses of other groups. With algoritms you exucute big number of positions really fast, to trade 24 hours, five days a week, to avoid some psychological problems connected with entries and exits. The disdvantage is that some trading logics are reall hard or even impossible to code correctly.

You are algo trader so what you need ...

  • Coding skills
  • Honest and reliable broker (Broker side).
  • Compettive swaps if position is held overnight (Broker side). 
  • Good set of trading instruments to choose from (Broker side)
  • Fast execution (Broker side)
  • allowance to Expert advisors (Broker side)
  • allowance to use all kind of supporting software;

We can offer you all of this with our trading accounts!

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